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MJ Home Appraisals & Mike Johnson Realty of Chicago, IL understands that the real estate landscape can be hard to navigate without proper real estate consulting. Our real estate consulting is the most sought after advice in the industry. Not only are our consultants vastly more experienced and knowledgeable than the competition; they are also extremely personable and accommodating.

Many potential clients shy away from our real estate consulting because they assume that the prices are way too expensive. However, the opposite is true. MJ Home Appraisals & Mike Johnson Realty offers real estate consulting at a bargain price, given our experience. We are and always will be a customer-first company, and we feel that raising our rates to an exorbitant degree would not fit with our identity.

We believe that everyone deserves proper real estate consulting, regardless of financial circumstances, and that is why we have become the real estate consulting provider that caters to any and all customers. You can count on us!

Our real estate consulting staff will take the time to thoroughly investigate your situation. Too often, real estate consulting providers rush through meetings in order to see as many clients as possible in one day. MJ Home Appraisals & Mike Johnson Realty realizes how unprofessional that behavior is. We treat every customer as if he or she is our most important client. In a way, this actually is the case, because each new customer affords us a make or break opportunity to prove our expertise!

For the real estate consulting firm that is going to pay attention to your needs and fulfill them, contact MJ Home Appraisals & Mike Johnson Realty!